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Australian Man Is First In The World To Undergo A Robotic Kidney Transplant

For hundreds of years, medical operations have been done mostly by humans. This is why it is important that surgeons are competent and aren’t sleepy or drunk or on drugs while they operate on patients. This is because a wrong move, even a small one, could potentially result in a patient losing their life.

However, in the future, such instances could be avoided thanks to robots, and a man in Australia is one of the first in the world to benefit from them through a kidney transplant operation where he was sort of operated on by robots. Doctors are still required to manually operate the robot and guide it, but through the use of robots, it allowed them to do things a human would not be able to do.

For example, by using a robot, it allowed the surgeons to rotate 360-degrees in minute crevasses. It also allowed surgeons to perform the operation using minimal invasive keyhole surgery, something that wasn’t possible before for renal transplants, and could also potentially help overweight patients where traditional open surgery could be considered too risky.

According to Professor Howard Lau, urologist at Sydney’s Westmead Hospital, “A renal transplant’s a complex operation, and previously we were not able to do so using minimal invasive keyhole surgery. We make a small hole just enough for the kidney itself, which is usually about 5 centimetres or so, and that’s enough to put the kidney in.”

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